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Welcome to Novelime! That's [novel-lime], not [nove lime], silly. If you are looking for products that will both entertain your customers and fly off your shelves, you came to the right place. Here, you will find some of the the most outrageously funny, yet meticulously designed and produced, products in existence. We hope that this is going to be your favorite place to shop for novel and fresh products that will keep your customers loving you and coming back for more! Novelime, the company, might be new, but we are not newbies, our revered team has over 50 years experience in the giftware industry so we know a thing or two about how to keep you happy. That said, we always love to hear about new ways to get even smarter, so please do send us your suggestions and feedback anytime. Unfortunately, our webmaster did not create a way to receive complaints, he has always been that "glass is half full" kinda guy.

As a wholesale distributor, Novelime will only sell to established retailers. If you are a consumer and love the products you see here, don't worry, just drop us an email and we will direct you to one of our esteemed retailers closest to you.

If you are an esteemed retailer and you just stumbled onto our website, or were ordered here by one of your favorite customers, we want you! Take a moment, click here, and tell us about yourself - we will get you all set up to buy these amazing products in no time at all.