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Tin Foil Hat for Cats

This product has been discontinued, and can no longer be ordered.
Tin Foil Hat for Cats

Item #: 17012766

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Free your feline from mind control It’s a tin foil hat for conspiracy cats! Your cat knows that “they” are interested in what it’s thinking (who isn’t?) and trying to control kitty’s thoughts. Not on our watch! We’ve made a Tin Foil Hat for Cats to make sure that kitty’s thoughts stay private. This mylar hat fits most cats, has a comfy felt lining and is held in place with an elastic strap. It even has holes for cat ears! Take that, Illuminati! Illustrated box.

Product Size: Unknown

Package Size: 3.5" x 6" x .75"

Package Type: Color Box

Bilingual Packaging: Unknown

Pegable: Yes

Shelvable: Yes

Display Type: None

Battery Type: None

Age Group: None

Master Qty: 96

Inner Qty: 12

UPC Code: 739048127669

UPC Code on Product: Unknown