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Sunny The Happy Blobfish

Sunny The Happy Blobfish

Item #: 17012879

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Who knew something so dour could make you so happy? While it’s in the water, a blobfish looks like any other fish, but as soon as you take it out, it transforms into a cartoonishly sad human face. This stretchy, sticky TPR blobfish is 5" (12.7 cm) long. Its dour face will brighten your day! That’s why we named him Sunny. Acetate box with illustrated stand. WARNING: Never set me anywhere you wouldn’t set a real blobfish because we both can stain. Avoid the following: All porous surfaces! Mom’s couch! The seats of Dad’s new car! Walls you’re fond of! Your sister’s new dress!

Product Size: 5"

Package Size: tba

Package Type: PVC Box

Bilingual Packaging: Unknown

Pegable: No

Shelvable: Yes

Display Type: None

Battery Type: None

Age Group: None

Master Qty: 7

Inner Qty: 6

UPC Code: 739048128796

UPC Code on Product: Unknown