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Racing Tardigrades

Item #: 17012959

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Hold me closer, tiny racer Why pull-back Racing Tardigrades? We realize tardigrades aren’t really known for their speed. Their claim to fame is that they are the most popular, and cutest, microscopic creatures in the world right now. These 2-3/4” (7 cm) long, soft vinyl and plastic Racing Tardigrades prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to zipping across a table. These four-wheeled tardigrades come in four different stylish colors that look good in pretty much any situation: big or small. 24 count. Individually tagged with UPC sticker. Illustrated display box.

Product Size: 2.75"

Package Size: Unknown

Package Type: None

Bilingual Packaging: Unknown

Pegable: Unknown

Shelvable: Unknown

Display Type: Counter Top Display (CDU)

Display Size: Unknown

Battery Type: None

Age Group: None

Master Qty: 288

Inner Qty: 24

UPC Code: 739048129595

UPC Code on Product: Unknown